Financial Institution Bond
The Financial Institution Bond is used to insure your bank against employee dishonesty, burglary, robbery, forgery, and similar crime exposures.

Financial Institution Bonds are scrutinized by bank regulators and are critically important crime insurance for community banks.  There are exposure parameters that apply to these Bonds and appropriate coverage is important.  Our multiple-carrier bid process will save you money, too.

Financial Institution Bond Basic Coverage:
Agreement A (Fidelity or Employee Dishonesty)
Agreement B (On Premises)
Agreement C (In Transit)
Agreement D (Counterfeit Money)

Insuring Agreements:
Check Kiting Fraud
Extortion (Threats to Persons or Property)
Electronic/Computer Systems
Fraudulant Mortgages
Forgery or Alteration
Money Order Issuers
Servicing Contractors
Stop Payment
Transit Cash Letter
Unauthorized Signature



Financial Bond Insurance

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